Our fleet

We have a fleet of almost 600 vehicles (e.g. VOLVO, DAF), monitored by specialists in our Operational Centre.

We carry out transport services using state-of-the-art combinations type Mega (100m3 - 24t) and cold store (KRONE). We also carry out transport using combinations with the capacity of up to 3.5t (up to 10 pallets).

Modern fleet of Grupa Transportowa
Each transport combination is equipped with ICT systems based on GPS communication that monitor the positioning of the vehicle and load, as well as technical processes related to the fleet. Our fleet is continuously monitored and managed by specialists in the Operational Centre of Grupa Transportowa.
Our fleet meets the EURO 5 and EURO 6 European safety and environmental protection standards. It is renewed on a regular basis and subject to systematic technical inspections.
We systematically refurbish our fleet with equipment to increase the safety of the personnel operating transport processes and carried loads.
Mega combination
MEGA is the flagship combination of Grupa Transportowa with the capacity of up to 24 ton and cargo space of 120 m3.
Curtain semi-trailers are used to transport almost every type of good. The cargo space allows for transport on pallets, as well as bulk transport. They are perfect for transporting construction materials, FMCG, household appliances, automotive goods and many others. 3m height, quick-parting tarpaulin, movable and hydraulically lifted roof and rear door enable quick loading and unloading.
Features and advantages:
  • Load empty weight of the semi-trailer contributes to the reduced transport costs.
  • Quick-parting tarpaulin and rear door.
  • Large cargo surface (13.62 x 2.48 x 3.01).
  • Numerous holders and fittings (including: non-skid mats, cargo security belts, spreader beams, angles, aluminium beams, perforated beams, plug-in stanchions, multi-lock system).
  • Easy cargo space adjustment for transporting e.g. household appliances, FMCG or automotive goods (e.g. tires).
Cold store combination

We transport fresh and frozen goods and cosmetics using state-of-the-art combinations (KRONE doubledeck semi-trailers) that guarantee a constant transport temperature of goods - in the range of -25 deg. C to +25 deg. C.

We transport food in accordance with HACCP standards, veterinary approvals and micro-biologically tangible and non-tangible assets transport approvals.


Features and advantages:
  • The cold store combination maintains constant temperature in the range of -25 deg. C to +25 deg. C.
  • The operating parameters of the cold store are controlled by IT systems (information display on the driver’s computer and monitoring by our Operational Centre).
  • Support of online parameter changes.
  • Double floor made of special alloys and insulation materials.
  • The KRONE design, made in accordance with the highest standards that ensure safety and efficient performance of logistics activities.
  • Large loading space (L 13.31 m, W 2.46, H 2.65 m).
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