Grupa Transportowa

For more than 25 years, we have been building experience that results in the continuous development of our organisation. We systematically improve our services in forwarding, national and international transport, logistics and warehousing, ferry crossing arrangement and adjustment of IT infrastructure and systems to the dynamical progress of dynamic progress of sector requirements.

From the beginning of our operations, we have prioritized quality.

This applies to procedures, the skills of our employees who join our ranks, as well as the vehicles and equipment we use. Over the course of two decades, we have managed to develop the most effective, safest, and most reliable solutions, which our clients can now benefit from every day. We focus on comprehensiveness, so you can entrust us not only with domestic and international transportation but also with numerous tasks related to domestic and international freight forwarding.

  • Freight Forwarding Services

The scope of activities of Grupa Transportowa, encompasses comprehensive support for the logistics process and supply chain. We provide a wide range of freight forwarding services, allowing our clients to save time and optimize costs.

We handle tasks such as cargo pick-up from the warehouse, goods consolidation and labeling, and transportation to the designated destination. We also offer support in customs clearance and other additional services.

Our company can provide comprehensive freight forwarding services not only due to our strategic location but also thanks to modern infrastructure and our own warehouse complex, located in central Poland, near the A1 motorway and expressways S8, S12.

  • Transport Services for Every Company

Transportation is the foundation of operation for many businesses, regardless of the industry and activity. Therefore, we offer comprehensive cargo transportation and freight forwarding services for all companies.

Our offer is aimed at both small entities with local or national reach and international corporations and companies operating on a large scale. We guarantee individual and professional approach to each client. We provide solutions tailored to the needs of all companies.

  • Certificates and Awards

Our main priority is to provide services at the highest level. We aim to set new standards and ensure quality in the transportation and logistics industry.

We focus on professionalism, customer satisfaction, and full client contentment. We make every effort to meet the expectations and needs of our contractors. Numerous awards, certificates, references, and completed projects confirm this.


Our transport company is a reliable and trusted business. Among our credentials, we boast ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, HACCP, Company with Principles, Certified Carrier, Certified Forwarder, GMP+ Certificate, DPD Certificate, as well as numerous awards and recognitions such as Business Cheetahs 2016, Gazelles of Business Pulse 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2023 Forbes Monthly Diamonds 2018, 2019, 2020, Manager of the Year 2018, 2023.

  • Domestic Transportation

When fulfilling orders in the field of domestic transportation, we use modern transport sets, thanks to which we can efficiently handle the transport of full truckloads (FTL). We are vigilant and quickly react to changing conditions, which is the responsibility of specialists working in our branches. As a national transportation company, we strive to meet the expectations of domestic clients and design our transportation services and domestic freight forwarding with them in mind.

  • International Transportation

International transportation services often involve long distances, so it is very important that all vehicles available to an international transportation company are in impeccable technical condition. We pay attention to these issues when designing each element of our offer. Our competencies in logistics services, international transportation, and international freight forwarding are confirmed by numerous certificates and references.

  • International and Domestic Refrigerated Transportation

In domestic refrigerated transportation and in other areas of Europe, transport conditions should be given top priority. Maintaining a constant temperature ensures that the cargo remains unchanged and intact until it reaches its destination. Thanks to regular verification of conditions and modern refrigerated units, we ensure the transport of fresh and frozen food, cosmetics, and other articles.

  • Ferry Crossings

We organize ferry crossings, including cargo ferry crossings. Our clients benefit from connections across the Baltic, Mediterranean, and Northern Seas, among others. We also take care of particularly demanding cargoes (e.g., non-standard and dangerous cargoes). With the support of our offices in Gdansk and Swinoujscie, clients can count on continuous assistance and advice.

  • Oversized Transportation - Domestic and International

Oversized transportation involves transporting cargoes whose mass exceeds 42 tons, and whose width, length, and height exceed 2.5 m, 16.5 m/18.5 m (values for trailers and semi-trailers), and 4 m respectively. We are well-versed in all legal regulations related to oversized transportation. We ensure safe transport both in Poland and in other countries. If the situation requires, we help organize pilotage, police escort, and take care of all issues related to the preparation of official documentation.

  • Contract Logistics

As part of comprehensive logistics services, we offer comprehensive support, including cargo pickup from the warehouse, packaging, consolidation, labeling, and cargo transportation to the specified location. Thanks to our advanced, modern infrastructure, each stage of contract logistics services occurs on time and as smoothly as possible.

  • Maritime Transportation

By sea, heavy oversized loads and various cargo, including containers from all over the world, can be easily transported. Sea transportation by GT Air&Ocean entails strict supervision from loading, through the journey itself, to verification upon delivery. Our meticulousness and reliability have earned the trust of many clients for our maritime transportation services.

We are the only carrier with entirely Polish capital to have received the NVOOC certificate awarded by the Federal Maritime Commission. Additionally, we hold the WCA World network agents certificate.

  • Air Transportation

We pay attention to small shipments as well as larger cargoes up to 120 tons. We have ensured that our air transportation services are sufficiently diverse, so within this offering, clients have the opportunity to utilize both air cargo transportation and send items of other natures. GT Air&Ocean is a certified agent of the CASS program, the International Air Transport Association (IATA), ensuring access to all airlines worldwide.

  • Intermodal Transportation

The intermodal variant allows for the 100% utilization of the potential of a given means of transportation. As a result, such transportation is also able to reduce project costs.

  • Rail transportation

Rail transportation service is an environmentally friendly solution that will appeal to clients concerned about ecology. Effectively selected connections allow saving time and relieving road traffic.

  • LCL (Less Than Container Load)

Consolidation Service LCL consolidation service is used by clients who want to transport smaller shipments, such as cartons or individual pallets. We ensure that only products with similar properties and dimensions are present in one container with your shipment. As a result, the cargo is fully secure.