Our organisational culture

We are focused on continuous development, both in the area of competences and personal development.

We know from experience that even the highest skills mean little if you fail to create a proper environment for them to develop. At Grupa Transportowa, with numerous training activities, workshops, conferences and daily support for our team, you will meet the novelties of the TSL sector, learn to define goals properly, to manage priorities, to assess situations and make decisions, to build relationships with customers and close partners.

”Every barrier can be breached, the toughest barriers are in your own head — overcome them. You do not have to be a warrior and breach walls. You just need to keep your goal in sight and avoid obstacles”
Tomasz Macherowski
CEO / President of the Management Board
Check your benefits:
  • We are committed to a career path based on transparent principles, including the subsequent competence stages.
  • We know that investment in talents and human potential is a strategic part of organisation. We share knowledge and organise numerous training activities, participate at conferences, contests, fairs and sector meetings, we also hold special meetings (after hours).
  • In addition to the development of strictly professional competences, our activities are aimed at shaping and developing techniques for motivation and coping with emotional difficulties (e.g. stressful situations). As a result of our training and workshop activities - we point to the techniques for good judgement or instant decision-making.
  • We are a learning organisation. Our culture is focused on listening and response (360 degree feedback). We believe that this way we may ascend to a higher level.
  • If you become part of our company, you may expect development on multiple planes. Dedication and enthusiasm is our DNA that builds our vision and willingness to develop on a continuous basis.
We know life is not only work
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