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The history of the company began in 1998. Beeing young entrepreneurs, to become independent, we bought the first tractor-trailer tipper to transport sand for the local glassworks. After one year, the demand for transport was growing and we decided to buy one more truck. The next year, we acquired tanks, which also provided the raw material for the manufacture of glass, and the tarpaulins / curtains for the transportation of finished products. Within a few years, we have gained the trust of many companies, we have established cooperation with new customers and increased our fleet to 18 vehicles. In 2013 they were hired first Shippers and first Subcontractor.Currently we have 180 tractors with trailers. Since then, the company firmly began to take on new dimensions, new perspectives and far-reaching plans that are implemented and refined to this day. We've always believed in people, and we know that the achievements and development of staff we owe. We know that with them, we can be strong, thriving company. Every day we become more and more convinced that it is worthwhile to pursue the goal, despite adversities, not to give up ... It's the only way to achieve requiered goals.


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International transport

We organize international transport for full loads and groupage. We know how important it is for our customers on time and intact condition of the goods. So every time we choose the appropriate means of transport, and we establish the exact time of...

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Domestic transport

Domestic transport is one of the branches of the transport industry, which we have been for several years. We serve clients from all over the country. Regardless of whether a company is a large, well-known brand on the market, or just entering th...

transport, krajowy, logistyka

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